Instructional Design & Development Introduction

Up to date, many i2Flex classes have been taught at the ACS Athens Middle School and Academy, representing a rich variety of course subjects, teaching styles, and age groups, while at the same time reflecting different degrees of complexity regarding instructional design and technology integration.   We are deeply aware that this form of learning that we are striving to implement, requires substantial change in our school’s culture while at the same time generating shifts in teachers’, administrators’, and students’ roles.

As a result, i2Flex teachers participate in a series of individual consultations with the Director for Educational Technology and eLearning, in order to review their courses against the Quality Matters® research-based, national benchmarks for online course design, examine models and discuss issues of instructional design as they specifically apply to their class, and how the latter can be transformed into a successful technology enhanced and/or web-supported learning community.

In turn, our faculty educate hands-on their students about the uses and benefits of technology for learning — as opposed to using technology for information, communication, or entertainment per the digital natives’ daily routine outside the classroom!  Our Administrators also have the opportunity to participate in formal and informal professional development sessions regarding the design, and implementation of i2Flex, while receiving frequent reports on the progress of the pilot classes.

Finally, in the past two years our New Faculty Orientation Program (NFOP) has run as blended/i2Flex with the new faculty and staff hires participating in the online component of the program, thus becoming familiar with both the i2Flex methodology and our in-house learning management system (Moodle) before being physically present on our campus right before the start of the school year.