"Leading School" (MSA.  Doha, Qatar, 2016)

We are very honored and happy that ACS Athens was recognized as a Leading School by the MSA (Middle States Association Commissions) for being the first ever international school accredited by the "Sustaining Excellence Protocol".  In addition, our research on the i2Flex classroom model and its sharing at local and global levels, were recognized. This recognition took place during the Leadership Conference of the NESA Council of Overseas Schools, in Doha, Qatar, October 2016.

"Best Poster Award" (ICALT2014.  Athens, Greece, 2014)

ACS Athens Middle School faculty Ms. Rontogiannis, presented at the 14th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT2014), Athens, Greece, July 7-9.

Her session referred to teaching Middle School science via the i2Flex and the flipped classroom model. ACS Athens is excited and proud to share the good news: Ms. Rontogiannis won the Best Poster Award for her presentation!! For more information, check out the conference site: ICALT2014 Conference

Ms. Rontogiannis' ICALT2014 award for Best Poster