October 11, 2017 / by i²Flex

A. Elementary School

       pre-i2Flex in the 5th & 4th Grades
       Ms. Maratou (teaching) & Ms. Evloyias (piloting)
       Event Format: Presentation

e-Books in the ES Classrooms
Mr. Passons (teaching with Kindle) & Ms. Sarantes (creating digital books with i-Pads)
Event Format: Presentation
Design Time: Lessons learned from the Kindergarten
Ms Ferentinos (with Ms. Kollintzas)
Event Format: Presentation

B. Middle School & Academy

Best i2Flex Practices (Moodle-based examples)
Dr. Karambelas & Ms. Katsiyianni
Event Format: Pecha-Kucha

Tools for i2Flex Formative and Summative Assessment (examples and how to)
Ms. Pisanias & Ms. Sidiropoulou
Event Format: Pecha-Kucha

Differentiated Instruction through i2Flex (Moodle-supported examples)
Ms. Grigoropoulou & Ms. Andrikopoulos
Event Format: Pecha-Kucha

The Changing Role of the Educator
Dr. Firigou (the i2Flex Greek challenge) & Dr. Stamati (the 10th Gr. Algebra 2 & Trigonometry Challenge)
Event Format: Pecha-Kucha